Our Company

Fruta Dulce de Costa Rica S.A. is a 100% Costa Rican family-owned agribusiness with a longstanding history in Costa Rican tradition, specialized in the production of guava paste.

Through the years we have diversified our portfolio with products made with the best tropical fruits and vegetables to ensure the quality behind our brand, following strict quality and food safety standards according to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

Our family of leader brands includes the renowned Tricopilia and our premium brand Kaleia. Additionally, we manufacture private label custom products for important companies in North America and the Caribbean.

Fruta Dulce has extensive experience in product development, commercialization and export processes.

Currently, our products are shipped and sold in several countries such as Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, United States and Canada. For more than 80 years our company has been committed to serve families with quality products rooted to the beliefs of sharing, tradition, hard-work and joy.